Installation and configuration in minutes

You can start using your camera after following a simple procedure

Turn on the camera

Turn on the camera

Connect with what you love

In all your devices

Don’t miss anything that goes around at home or business, Security Evolution is available for PC, Android and IOS


  • We don’t use Public IP addresses since the video of our cameras is protected in our servers
  • We don’t use physical DVR so it is not possible to erase the recordings, they are protected in the cloud
  • You can monitor your home 24/7 from your cellphone, tablet or computer
  • You can move the camera, make Zoom and activate the double way sound from the Security Evolution app
  • When the camera detects a sound or movement, Security Evolution sends the videos and images to the cloud to guarantee your safety and those of your loved ones. These videos remain the cloud for 15 days and they can be seen from the APP or you can ask our team.
  • With our app you can also watch 24/7 recordings of the camera which are recorded in its MicroSD memory
  • Technical support and counselling 24/7..


  • A smartphone, tablet or computer is needed for its functioning. Moreover, you must have Broadband Internet. Download the mobile apps for Android and IOS and register yourself in the system.
  • It is not connected to an alarm center. It is an auto monitoring system and the user is the one who must make use of the system in a responsible way.
  • For its functioning, the place of installation of the camera must have WIFI.
  • For the recording service 24/7 inside the memory and sending videos and images to the cloud 
  • THE CAMERA MUST HAVE a MICRO SD memory installed
    (Some models in our store come together with an installed memory, but other do not include it).


  • Annual fee per camera: 12 Dollars
  • Six-monthly fee per camera: 9 Dollars
  • Monthly fee per camera: 2 Dollars

Note: The same applies for Security Evolution Plus and Security Evolution Pro.

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